Monarch butterfly
Recordings from the 2024 NH Butterfly Monitoring Network webinar series. Learn More
The following is a list of butterfly species in New Hampshire including their common habitat, host plants, dates they are observed as an adult, and ot... Learn More
Large skippers that land with their wings spread open such as the dreamy duskywing, Horace’s duskywing, Juvenal’s duskywing and wild indigo duskywing. Learn More
Larger dark-colored skippers are reviewed, including the northern cloudywing, southern cloudywing and silver-spotted skipper. Learn More
Small grassland butterflies such as the crossline skipper, sassacus skipper, Leonard’s skipper, tawny-edged, cobweb skipper, and peck’s skipper. Learn More
Mostly brown-winged brushfoot butterflies usually with an eyespot present, including the little wood satyr, northern pearly eye, Appalachian brown and... Learn More
More Brown colored butterflies including the common wood nymph, common buckeye and those that are camouflaged on the underwing: Milbert’s tortoiseshel... Learn More
Butterflies named for the angular notches on the edges of the forewings including eastern comma, green comma, and question mark. Learn More
Tailed butterflies that feed on shrubs and trees including coral hairstreak, Arcadian hairstreak, gray hairstreak and others. Learn More
Daigrams of the terminology commonly used to describe butterfly wing areas and body parts. Learn More
A list of field guides useful for identifying butterflies in New Hampshire. Learn More
Common light colored butterflies found throughout the summer including cabbage white, mustard white, clouded sulphur and orange sulphur. Learn More
This brochure, developed by Taking Action for Wildlife, provides an overview of pollinators in New Hampshire, threats to pollinators, and conservation... Learn More