Capital Area Butterfly Field Training


NH Audubon McLane Center
84 Silk Farm Road
Concord, NH 03301
United States

NH Audubon is partnering with New Hampshire Fish and Game and the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network to collect long-term data on butterflies in the Concord region and beyond. Sightings will provide valuable data on how species ranges are changing over time. Your data will help support butterfly conservation across the state. Join us as we continue to explore New Hampshire's butterflies through field trainings.

On June 18th from 11am-1pm, join us in the field to learn more about the butterflies that call New Hampshire home. Mike Thomas, retired entomologist and extraordinary butterfly enthusiast will lead this exploration of the habitat in and around the NH Audubon McLane Center in Concord, NH. All are welcome for this amazing opportunity to learn and participate in butterfly conservation.

Mike Thomas leads a butterfly training